1. Online Space Request Form

This is a non-profit fund-raising event. Any proceeds after expenses are given to educators in the form of Mini-Grants.

* 1. To request exhibit space at the 2012 SV CUE event, please fill out the following information;

* 2. Enter the following information about the person(s) who will be exhibiting at the event

* 3. Add a description of your company's product or service for our 2012 event program (use 35 words or fewer).

* 4. Our door prize drawings in the Exhibit Hall help attract participants to the event and to the Exhibit Hall during the day. Please consider bringing a door prize and paying $25 less per table for your exhibit space.

If you are bringing a door prize, please enter the value and description of each item as applicable.

* 5. Choose the type of exhibit space you would prefer and indicate the number of tables you would like to order for your exhibit space

* 6. You get one free buffet lunch with each table you purchase. Would you like to purchase extra buffet lunches @ $10.00 each? Please indicate the number of additional buffet lunches @ $10.00 each

* 7. Total cost of your selections Payment by check to SV CUE (Non-refundable after 02/20/2012)

Payment by check payable to SVCUE.
Please attach a printed copy of this completed registration form

Mail to:
SVCUE Exhibits Chair
c/o Alexi Badaoui
251 Beegum Way
San Jose, CA 95123

Thank you very much
Additional information:

If you would like a "paper" copy of this form select "print" from your menu bar now.

Confirmation of your registration will be sent within one week. Display space will be allocated in the order in which SVCUE receives paid space reservations. Additional information about the conference will be sent in February.

If you need to contact us please email to abadaoui1@comcast.net

We look forward to seeing you at our 2012 event!