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* 1. Thank you for participating in the Adjust 2015 survey, a project of the Sustainable Farming Association funded by the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program of the USDA. Your input will help new farmers learn how to address challenges in farming by adjusting their farm plans to be more resilient to difficulties.

Through surveys and interviews, Adjust 2015 will summarize the experiences of farms and farmers who have had less than desired success, or have had to make changes to their operations and plans in order to survive. This summary will be the basis for our New Farm Reality Check educational materials which we will make available to beginning farmer training courses throughout the North Central Region, as well as our own workshops in Minnesota and other states in the region..

From this initial survey, we will identify a number of people who we will ask to take a longer survey that will take roughly one hour, for which we will provide a stipend of $40. If you know someone who has had experiences that others could learn from and would be willing to share their story, please pass this survey on to them or leave us their name/contact information.

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