1. Program Information


Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Young Scholars Program! This application must be completed in one sitting and cannot be saved or restarted at a later date.

1. The final number of available slots for the Young Scholars Program will be determined before June 2022.

2. Priority is given to those students who have low access to similar programs and live within commuting distance of Northeastern University. Please note that this program may be held virtually, hybrid, or in-person, depending on the circumstance surrounding COVID-19. 

3. Eligible students must be graduating high school in the Spring of 2023 (rising high school seniors). 

4. The semi-finalists may be required to send a transcript, as well as complete an interview and additional on-site writing component that will determine final acceptance. 

5. The program will run Monday-Thursday, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, tentative program dates: June 27th, 2022 - August 4th, 2022. Daily schedules may be modified depending upon the agenda for the day (i.e. for a field trip). Absences will not be allowed unless in a documented emergency.

6. This application includes short answer/essay questions, which will require some time to answer. In order to assist you in answering these questions, they can be found here: https://stem.northeastern.edu/summer/ysp/app-questions/. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DRAFT YOUR RESPONSES TO THE ABOVE SHORT-ANSWER QUESTIONS PRIOR TO STARTING THE APPLICATION.

7. Along with this online application, 2 teacher recommendations (one math and one science preferred) are required. For this application, you only need your recommenders' names and email addresses.

Please make sure to hit "Done" once completed in order for the application to be fully processed.

For any specific questions, please email stem@northeastern.edu.