* 1. What Year, Make (e.g. Ford, etc), and Model (e.g. F250, etc), of truck or other vehicle do you own?

* 2. Have you ever purchased from Custom Diesel?

* 3. What product(s) do we not offer on our website that you wish we did?

* 4. Who do you consider to be our main competition?

* 5. Have you been to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CustomDieselInc)?

* 6. Have you ever been to our RPG Motorsports website, www.rpgsxs.com?

* 7. What do you like - or not like - about our website, Custom-Diesel.com? (What can we improve?)

* 8. If we added "Amazon Payments" as a payment method, would you use that over PayPal or Credit Cards?

* 9. Were you are that we now offer **financing** on our website through BillMeLater (a PayPal company)?

* 10. Would you like to subscribe to our promotional email newsletters? If so, please provide your email address below.

* 11. Thank you for taking our survey!

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