This survey is intended to help the APA WA Legislative Committee update the chapter’s legislative priorities, which will be considered and adopted by the Chapter Board of Directors at their fall 2021 meeting.

In 2021, the chapter’s Legislative Priorities included the following topics:
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Climate Change
  • Support for Planning
  • Inclusive Planning
  • Transportation
  • Road Map and Updating Washington’s Growth Planning Framework
  • Infrastructure
  • Annexation Reform Planning for Schools
  • Periodic Update Cycle
To review the 2021 Legislative Priorities while you complete this survey, visit the WA APA website:

Question Title

* 1. What issues do you think the chapter’s advocacy efforts should focus on in the near term and longer term?

  Higher or Near Term Priority Lower or Longer Term Priority Not a Priority
Annexation, Governance, Special Districts
Buildable Lands and Growth Targets
Climate Change
Comprehensive Planning Cycle
Development Regulations (zoning, code/reform)
Economic Development
Equity and Environmental Justice
Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Food Systems
Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Prevention Planning/Response
Infrastructure Planning and Financing (e.g., transportation, water and sewer systems, broadband, etc.)
Local Budgets and Revenue Authority
Parks and Open Space
State Funding for Planning/Planning Priorities (capital and operating budgets)
Tribal Planning 
Urban Growth Areas
Vesting (due process prior to completion of annexation)
Water Quality and Supply

Question Title

* 2. What additional topics should be considered priorities?

Question Title

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