This is a time when budgets are strained at the State and County level. As part of the County Clerk's responsibilities, the replacement of election equipment is moving to the forefront for all County Clerks. Election equipment is very expensive and must meet strict federal standards. Your County Clerks Office's first obligation is to find out how its County voters want to vote. Next, we need to look at ways to save money on the equipment purchase and still comply with federal standards. The County Clerk's have partnered with the Secretary of State, County Commissioners and the Legislature to form the Plan for Aging Voting Equipment (PAVE) Task Force to find money to move forward with voting methods and equipment in the very near future.See the following Definitions which will assist you throughout the Survey:

VOTE CENTER: A County may have a few Vote Centers where any County voter may cast their ballot, regardless of where they live in the County.

DIRECT RECORD VOTING (DRE): Touch screen machines where the voter votes by touching their selection on the screen. An audit tape generally memorializing their vote selection.

PRECINCT VOTING: A precinct is usually a set area used for voting purposes where the voter in the area will vote on the same offices, candidates or propositions due to the location of their precinct. Generally, most precincts are located in one polling location which is just another name for a location where a voter votes.

COMBINED PRECINCT VOTING: Sometimes, it may be necessary to combine two or more separate precincts (as described in Precinct Voting) into one precinct due to lack of judges, lack of a suitable polling location or lack of voters in the area.

MAIL BALLOTING: Ballots will be sent to all qualified, registered voters a set number of days prior to Election Day. (For example: Wyoming sends out absentee ballots to voters 45 days prior to an election. So mail balloting will require a law on the number of days a ballot should be sent out before the election). Voters who are not registered, moved and didn't change their address with their County Clerk, who don't want to vote in the Party they are currently registered in, etc., will be allowed to go to a Vote Center to get their registration done or changed and receive a ballot at that location.

ABSENTEE: Voter requests a ballot be sent to them or receives it in person no earlier than 45 days prior to an election.

EARLY VOTING: A voter arrives at a Vote Center type precinct no earlier than 45 days prior to the election and votes in person, similar to voting on election day.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Gender

* 3. Are you a registered voter in Converse County?

* 4. Voting method I generally use in Converse County

* 5. If you have not voted in the past, please select why you have NOT voted.

* 6. Future voting options. Please give each option a rating with 1 being your first choice and 4 being your last choice.

  1 2 3 4
Precinct Voting
Combined Precinct Voting
Mail Ballot Voting
Absentee Voting
Early Voting

* 7. If some type of Precinct/Polling Place voting is your preferred option, please
select your preferred option below, otherwise skip this question.

* 8. Are you willing to serve as an Election Judge?

* 9. This question asks what you think about the options for future voting

  Very reliable Moderately reliable Neutral Not very reliable Extremely unreliable
Vote Centers
Precinct Voting
Combined Precinct Voting
Mail Ballot Voting
Early Voting

* 10. How would you like County Clerks to inform you of election items like dates, ballot configuration, polling location, when ballots are available