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* 1. Please provide some information about yourself:

* 2. Math 215 Instructor's Name

* 3. I am taking the Math 215 class

* 4. What day does your class meet? (If applicable)

* 5. Did you take Math 150 at Franklin University?

* 6. Have you ever registered for Math 215 at Franklin prior to this term?

* 7. How long has it been since you took a Math class?

* 8. How comfortable do you feel going into this class?

* 9. SLA Participant Agreement

SLA program is completely voluntary, however, once you register, you agree to the following:

-Regular participation. Students may not miss more than three consecutive sessions, otherwise, you may lose your place in the program.

-Class attendance. SLA is not a substitute for class. Students are expected to attend class regularly. Should you miss a class, please make arrangements to "flex" into another section or talk to your instructor for make-up instructions.

-Active participation. Students are expected to prepare for SLA by completing homework problems, preparing questions and participating in the discussion.

-Instructor notification. Your instructor will be notified of your participation in the SLA program.

-Adherence to the Franklin University Student Code of Conduct

* 10. Please select a day to attend Structured Learning Assistance for the entire term. Once you register for a specific section, it may not be possible to change sections.

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