Welcome to the BCMMB New Entrant Program Stakeholder Survey

The intention of the NEP Consultation is to encourage input from producers and other interested stakeholders to assist the Board's development of a new program to encourage New Entrants to the dairy industry. 

The first step of the NEP Consultation is this online survey, which seeks input from all potentially interested stakeholders: producers, processors and the public at large. Please share the link with others who may be interested.

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time (9 quick questions) and is important to the Board’s overall process. The Board wants to hear from you. It will be open for two weeks; the survey closing date is October 20, 2017.
However, the website will remain open for comments beyond that date, and until the closing of the consultation—April 30, 2018.

* 1. Choose the most important reason for having an incentive program that encourages new dairy farmers in BC.
Please choose only ONE answer below, even if you agree with more than one reason—choose the MOST IMPORTANT one
to you:

* 2. Should there be some minimum qualifications (beyond the usual age, citizenship, etc.) required for candidates to become approved as New Entrants under a program that provides quota? For example: that a 10-year business plan, or previous farm work experience is a requirement.

* 3. Should regional incentive(s) (to try to encourage production in particular regions of the province) be considered as part of a
New Entrant program, where it might make sense to the overall industry’s efficiency?

* 4. Should a New Entrant program include additional incentives for innovation and/or niche market development, if there is a market need for producers in a particular market?

* 5. BC’s previous Graduated Entrant Program (GEP), which granted successful new entrants 13.7 kgs of incentive CDQ, plus a
matching grant of up to 5.5 kgs of incentive CDQ, if the entrant purchased 5.5 kgs, was:

* 6. If a future New Entrant program offers incentive quota, as did the previous GEP program, should the length of the program be extended from 10 years to, perhaps 15 or 20 years? 
(Generally, the program length is the period of time, during which, New Entrants would not be eligible for
exempt family transfers or to sell their incentive quota without some assessment or penalty being applicable.)

* 7. Some other provinces have an “outside” selection committee that reviews all New Entrant applications and conducts
interviews, before approving candidates. For example, in Alberta, their selection committee consists of two producers (non-Board members), two bankers and one veterinarian. Is an independent selection committee something that the BCMMB should

* 8. How many New Entrants per year should the Board aim to start through a New Entrant Program?

* 9. Do you agree that the Board should plan staged entry based on a longer time horizon, for example, planning several new entrants to start production over the next 2-3 years out, rather than annually?

* 10. Please tell us a little about yourself…check all that apply.