Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, concerns, and vision for a piece of City-owned surplus property at 103 S. Driver, also known as Old Fire Station #3 and the former home of the Neighborhood Improvement Services (NIS) Impact Team. This questionnaire should take between 5-10 minutes and is an opportunity for community members to provide input to City staff and the City Council regarding future use of the site. Responses will be collected, summarized, and publicly posted for evaluation by City staff and elected officials. The City will likely make a determination as to the future of the site later this year or early next year.

If you would like to speak to a staff member about this project, please:

- Contact Jacob Lerner, Community Engagement Coordinator within the Neighborhood Improvement Services Department, at or 919-560-1647 x 34252 if you have community outreach questions.

- Contact Stacey Poston, Special Projects Manager within the General Services Department, at or 919-560-4197 x 21254 if you have real estate questions.