Welcome to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Home Energy Upgrade Cost Reduction Survey.
Thank you for your interest in participating in our survey on cost reduction opportunities for home energy upgrades. Past research by LBNL has demonstrated that such upgrades are technically feasible but up-front costs are a barrier to implementation. We are conducting this survey to understand the potential for reducing those costs through new approaches and technology innovations.
We are looking for the following participants who work in single- and/or multi-family housing:
  • Contractors (general, remodeling, insulation, HVAC, electrical, home performance)
  • Consultants (HERS raters, BPI professionals)
  • Manufacturers/distributors
  • Program managers
  • Others with expertise in home energy efficiency or electrification upgrades
If you work in one of these areas and would like to participate, please continue to the next page. The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete, and the first 250 respondents who complete the full survey will receive a $50.00 eGift card as compensation for their time.

Before proceeding, please answer the three questions below to prove that you are a human responding to this survey.

Thank you!

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* 1. How many duplex electrical outlets are shown in the photos below?  CaptchaImage

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* 2. Describe in one short sentence what "home decarbonization" means in your work or personal life.

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* 3. Aside from cost, please describe in one short sentence your other biggest challenge in home energy upgrades. Please be specific.

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