At Long Ride Shields we talk with Harley and Honda fans all day long. There seems to be no end of opinions about which is best. Lets face it, you could argue through your teeth about which is more comfortable, which looks better ... Blah, Blah, Blah.... These questions are the real measure of what pits both of these pit vipers against the other... let the world decide the victor!

* 1. If it were the end of the world .... MAD MAX STYLE ... Which bike would you rather have to modify and turn into your post apocalyptic battle machine!

* 2. were you to travel the entire world and touch foot in every country in the world - What bike would you have as your main mode of conveyance (It's a timed race by the way).

* 3. If you died and went to heaven or hell Valhalla Etc., which bike would you expect to see being ridden in your most likely final destination?

* 4. If you were forced to jump the grand canyon... and knew that no one bike would make it over the gap... on which bike would you rather go out riding on in a flaming ball of glory and crushed metal? 

* 5. If you had to convert a motorcycle into a spacecraft, which would make the better platform? ... remember all you martian and alien buddies would be watching you ride up on this thing!  and just in case you are wondering yes you can put lasers on it and  yes it could be used to shoot down the Death Star!

* 6. If you were a dictator in an oil rich country somewhere in the middle east, and you could have any bike made of 100% gold fashioned with diamonds and other jewels, which bike would you want in your harem? - ( Imagine yourself with a long white head dress and some aviator sunglasses.)

* 7. If you leave us with your email address we will send you the results of the survey (Not Required) as well we will send you a discount code for LRS products as a way of thanking you for your participation.