1. Creative Ways to Enhance Midwifery Education

Instructors in midwifery programs have devised many innovative tools and activities to enhance the learning of their students. In the next issue of "Giving Birth to Midwives" we are compiling a sampling of these innovations to share around the midwifery education community. We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to share some of your creativity by answering the four questions below, and if possible emailing photos of some of your innovations for publication in the newsletter. Thanks for taking this time!

* 1. Optional demographic information:

* 2. Describe any skills practice models that you find very helpful in educating midwives.

* 3. Describe other visual aids that you use and find particularly useful in the midwifery classroom.

* 4. Describe any games that you use with students to enhance their learning.

* 5. Describe one or more innovative learning activities have you used successfully with midwifery students.

Please email any digital photos of learning aids that you are willing to share in the next issue of "Giving Birth to Midwives" to birthwise@verizon.net. Thank You!