The Gore Bay Medical Centre has served the Western Manitoulin communities well since the 1980’s. 

The Gore Bay Medical Centre currently has the services of doctors, dentist, community mental health workers, massage therapist, audiologist, and Contact North. 

It is time for some renovations to be made to the building. A committee of municipal representatives, community groups, and other stakeholders has been formed to examine what changes to the infrastructure of the facility may need updating. 

We are asking members of our communities for their input and to complete the following survey to assist in future decisions with regard to changes and updates of the Medical Centre building.

Question Title

* 1. Are you a user of the Gore Bay Medical Centre?

Question Title

* 2. How often would you use the centre in a normal (non-pandemic) year?

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* 3. Please rate the importance of the need for improvements to the building?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Entrance/ Front Door
Waiting Room
Washroom Access
Lower Level Access

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* 4. Please provide any other comments or suggestions?