1. Miller-Nelson Services Laboratory Performance

Thank you for trusting Assay Technology/Miller-Nelson Services with your gas mask testing needs. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our laboratory services and customer support. Your feedback and input will help us respond to your needs and earn your loyalty. Please take a moment to complete this survey and submit additional information on your experience where space is provided. We value your comments and appreciate your taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Thank you. (This survey should take you 5-10 minutes to complete.)

* 1. Please describe your last purchase/experience with Miller-Nelson Services (pre-certification testing, QC or Audit testing; Custom testing/product development; technical question on report, etc...)

* 2. Technical support meets my requirements.

* 3. Laboratory turnaround time was as expected.

* 4. The laboratory report was easy to read and complete.

* 5. Pricing for laboratory services is competitive.