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* 2. Do you know how to read your energy bill? And do you know how much you are being charged for energy each billing quarter?

* 3. Do you know some ways to reduce energy use in your home?

* 4. Out of the following, do you know which uses the most energy?

* 5. In most Alice Springs houses, which of the following areas uses the most water?

* 6. In Alice Springs, our water is sourced from the Amadeus Basin. How many years’ worth of water do you think we have left if we keep using it at the current rate?

* 7. Do you know how to check for water leaks in your house?

* 8. How often do you recycle?

* 9. What do you think about composting and worm farming. Composting and worm farming is:

* 10. Do you try to shop locally and think about where your food is coming from?

* 11. Do you grow your own fruit and veggies?

* 12. Do you carpool or cycle for transport?

* 13. Do you fly often?