How can SFI JV assist support you on the Gerald Desmond Bridge project?

SFI JV still has several upcoming bids and purchases to make. We are conducting a short survey to solicit feedback on bids you are interested in and how we can improve our Outreach and Contracting services. Thank you in advance for your participation.

To Your Success,

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* 1. I am a....

* 2. What is your trade/service?

* 3. Are You Certified? If so, with what agencies?

* 4. How do you primarily learn about SFI JV Gerald Desmond Bridge Bids and Outreach Events?

* 5. How Can SFI JV Help You Win Bids on this Project?

* 6. What Administrative Services Would Help You Grow Your Business?

* 7. In general, how does your firm primarily find new business or new bids?

* 8. For General Bid Announcements, what is your preferred publication?

* 9. Which Future Bid Packages are you interested in?

* 10. Leave Contact Information to Receive Notifications on Future Bid Packages