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* 1. Do you own as (requirement or inventory) a manually testing backflow preventer instead of a safer and more efficient automated backflow assembly?

* 2. If question 1 applied to you, how often do you get your backflow assembly tested?

* 3. If question 1 applied to you, how much do you spend on your backflow testing per unit?

* 4. What was your purchase cost or direct cost of your backflow preventer?

* 5. Did you know that based upon the technology currently being used, once a backflow is not functioning properly and in operation, it not only provides serious health and safety hazards to you and those around you, but also holds you liable in the event a cross contamination were to occur?

* 6. Based on question 5, would you likely purchase an automated backflow prevention assembly opposed to a manually testing one when you went to replace or purchase inventory?

* 7. How important is your safety and health concerns to you?

* 8. Do you think an automated backflow unit that provides maximized protection to our drinking water, increased testing efficiency and accuracy as well as eliminating costly testing fees that the municipality will pay for while reducing their budget costs with tedious paperwork and cross connection programs. Thus benefiting the taxpayers as a whole will be a superior technology to the current backflow assemblies?

* 9. Where do you buy your current backflow assemblies?

* 10. Comments Regarding the Research of an Automated Backflow Prevention Assembly: