1. AIPLA Women in IP Rev 2016-06-29

AIPLA Women in IP Committee is asking its members to complete this short survey if you interested in speaking at an AIPLA event. 

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. How many years have you been a practicing attorney?

* 3. Select general area(s) of expertise.

* 4. If applicable, select specific technical area(s) of expertise.

* 5. Select legal position(s) you have held.

* 6. List publications and/or notable cases you have contributed to.

* 7. Describe your prior speaking experience.  If you have spoken at an AIPLA event, please provide the date.

* 8. List particular topic(s) you would like to speak about.

* 9. Select your speaking preference(s).

* 10. Are you able/willing to travel to speak?

* 11. Please provide your AIPLA Membership Number.

* 12. If you have a LinkedIn account, please provide the link to your personal page.

* 13. Do you grant permission to the AIPLA Women in IP Committee to provide your survey responses to the AIPLA Committee requesting speakers and/or moderators?