1. Introduction

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves, and provide some insight on the executive search we are commencing with the York Region District School Board for a new Director of Education.
Phelpsgroup is a Canadian executive search firm with 30 years of senior recruitment and talent management experience within the broader public sector, including school boards, universities, colleges, governments, hospitals, crown corporations, regulatory bodies, and related professional associations. We have been privileged to match extraordinary leaders with exciting and dynamic opportunities at school boards across Ontario.

Joan Green, Heather Connelly, Jayson Phelps and Frank Markel of Phelpsgroup have been retained to work with the York Region District School Boards' Board of Trustees' Search Committee to recruit and assist in selecting a new Director of Education. In a time of richly diverse demographics and evolving roles and responsibilities for leaders, it is even more important to ensure that school boards working to meet the needs the students and to serve the interest of citizens and the wellbeing of society are led by individuals with the right competencies, commitment and character. In an era of enhanced transparency and accountability, leadership must be exemplary, integrity-based and innovative.

This undertaking by the York Region District School Board represents significant leadership change for everyone within, and connected to, the Board. It is therefore very important that we reach out to as many of you as possible to get your input regarding the Opportunity/Position Brief (mandate and candidate profile). If you prefer to speak to us directly, please contact Frank Markel by email at fmarkel@phelpsgroup.ca or by phone at 416 364-6229 extension 107.

Through this survey, we are seeking advice on the mandate for a new Director of Education as well as the leadership characteristics, attributes and experiences we should be identifying in candidates for the position. Please note that this survey is anonymous and we will ensure complete confidentiality of all respondents.

Working from the perspective of identifying facts that would allow a new Director of Education to foster student achievement and well-being, this information will help your Board's Director of Education Selection Committee understand your views on:

  • The role and mandate for a new Director of Education;
  • Key opportunities to be addressed by a new Director of Education;
  • Strengths of the Board that will help a new Director of Education be successful;
  • Mission, vision and values of the York Region District School Board;
  • Indicators of success in a Director's work in the first 18 months;
  • The desired leadership characteristics of a successful candidate.
Again, all information will be treated confidentially. If you have further thoughts after completing your survey, please feel free to e-mail or call us directly us at the contact information provided.

Responses received by September 17, 2017 will be considered in the initial development of the Director of Education Job Description and Candidate Profile.  Responses received after this date and prior to October 1, 2017 will be shared with trustees for their information. 

Thank you.

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