1. Pediatric Interventional Radiology Training Information

This information is being gathered as a resource for individuals seeking PIR training and for programs seeking trainees.

The information will be posted on the IR committee page of the Society for Pediatric Radiology website (www.pedrad.org), which is a publically visible resource.

The pooled information may be used by the society to analyze and report the status of current PIR training.

* 1. Name of hospital

* 2. State, province or region

* 3. Country

* 4. Affiliated academic institution, if any

* 5. Name of Pediatric IR Section Chief or Division Chief, if applicable

* 6. Name of Pediatric IR Fellowship Director, if applicable

* 7. Contact physician name

* 8. Contact email (please proof email address)

* 9. Contact telephone number (please proof number)

* 10. Type of pediatric IR fellowship (s). Select all that apply

* 11. PIR fellowship duration offered at your institution. Select all that apply

* 12. Number of available 1 year (or greater) fellowship slots per year

* 13. Start date for 1 year (or greater) fellowship

* 14. Approximate call frequency for fellows

* 15. Is elective time offered during the fellowship? If so, please specify

* 16. How many pediatric IR fellows have been trained at your institution in the last 5 years?

* 17. If you offer a combined fellowship, does it result in eligibility for a CAQ (such as in IR or pediatric radiology), or other accreditation? If so, please provide more detail about the structure of the fellowship, such as how much time is spent in each subspecialty

* 18. Do you have prerequisite requirements for applicants? If so, select all that apply

* 19. Website link, if applicable

* 20. Number of pediatric IR attendings

* 21. Number of adult IR attendings with direct teaching responsibility for the PIR fellows, if applicable

* 22. Number of neuroradiology or interventional neuroradiology attendings with direct teaching responsibility for the the PIR fellows, if applicable

* 23. Approximate annual pediatric IR case volume

* 24. Types of cases, choose all that apply. If possible, please indicate approximate annual number of cases year in each category

  We do not offer this service at this time Less than 5 cases a year Between 5 and 20 cases a year Between 20 and 200 cases a year Greater than 200 cases a year We offer this service but I do not have the volume information at this time
Vascular access
Body angiography and intervention
Neuro angiography and intervention
Spine interventions
Vascular anomalies
Venous interventions
Enteric access (G,GJ)
Locoregional tumor therapy
Musculoskeletal interventions
Biliary interventions
GU interventions

* 25. Describe your rooms/equipment

* 26. Short paragraph description of your fellowship

Possible information could include:

-Stated goals of the fellowship
-Presence of other trainees such as residents
-Clinical infrastructure
-Type of call (e.g. adult IR call?)
-Subspecialty background of PIR attendings
-Niche areas of practice
-Research or special clinical opportunities
-Combined procedures or affiliations with other services