* 1. Thank you for participating in the Textilsetur artist-in-residence program, please let us know the year you attended.

* 2. How did you find out about Textilsetur?

* 3. Did you have enough information before attending? (e.g. info about travel, resources, facilities, capacity of the centre to facilitate your needs, or the surrounding area, etc.)

* 4. What were your expectations of staff during your residency? Did they match your experience as a resident artist?

* 5. Would you prefer to attend the residency within a structured program, or as a self directed artist? 

* 6. What were you happy with about the facilities? (equipment, studios, spaces, residency accommodation, people etc.)

* 7. What were you not happy with? Or furthermore, how can we make your experience, living, artistic/professional development, or the facilities better for artists?

* 8. Did you discover something here that you didn't expect or know about from the Textilsetur website or other information?

* 9. Lastly, would you write us a review, testimony, or personal account of your time here?