1. Questions

* 1. Major

* 2. Year

* 3. Meeting with your advisor

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 or more
On average, how often do you meet with your advisor each semester?
On average, how often do you contact your advisor via telephone or email each semester?

* 4. For the items below, please indicate how important each advisor characteristic is to you?

  Not Important at All Slightly Important Moderately Important Important Very Important
An advisor who is accessible (through walk-in, appointment, phone, email).
An advisor who listens well and tries to understand me.
An advisor who is knowledgeable about information pertaining to my goals.
An advisor who is knowledgeable about other programs on campus.
An advisor who refers me to other campus resources at appropriate times.
An advisor who has been helpful in my adjustment to ULM.
An advisor who helps me recognize when I could benefit from specialized resources (tutoring, writing studio, career service, student success center).

* 5. For the items below please indicate how effectively your advisor has been to you

  Not Effective at All Slightly Effective Moderately Effective Effective Very Effective
My advisor has helped me make good decisions
My advisor has helped me in establishing my schedule and program of study
My advisor is knowledgeable about information pertaining to my goals
My advisor has reminded me of dates and deadlines for significant events in my program
My advisor respects me and treats me in a professional manner
My advisor directs me to the appropriate personnel and place for specialized resources

* 6. During this past academic year, how often did you do the following?

  Never Occasionally Often Quite Often
Consult with my advisor when I had a problem or question.
Meet with my advisor to discuss successes and/or accomplishments in my course endeavors.

* 7. Overall how satisfied are you with your advising experience?

* 8. What suggestions do you have for improving the academic advising experience?