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Thank you for registering for the Virginia Baptist 2019 Music and Worship Arts Camp!  If this is your first time attending our camp, take a few moments to read the "First-Timers Guide" on our website before registering. Here are a few things that will help make this process easier for you.

As a reminder, all program fees are paid to Eagle Eyrie. They are:

$90 per person through June 30
$100 per person on or after July 1

In the event of cancellations, please contact Eagle Eyrie AND the Office of Worship and Church Music Ministries. There will be

100% refund of paid program fees if notified by June 14
50 % refund of paid program fees if notified by June 28
No refund of fees if notified after July 1. All refunds will be processed following the conclusion of the camp.

Please note that discounts on Program Fees for chaperones are available if no music packet is ordered or if no camp T-shirt is ordered

All Program Fee credits will be sent to the CHURCH OF THE CHAPERONE AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF CAMP.

Please contact Eagle Eyrie for information regarding their cancellation policies, additional fees, lodging and meals.


1. Either the Primary Chaperone or their representative should enter all registrations. Please do not ask campers to enter their individual registrations.

2. Please enter all the information for the Primary Chaperone first--before any other camper is entered.

3.  Please have complete information for each camper and chaperone in hand before you begin a registration. Unfortunately, this registration process will not allow you to edit a registration that has already been completed. If you must leave your computer before you can finish a registration, though, you will be returned to the page you were working on when you re-enter the process. If you have an addition or correction to a completed registration, please contact our office and we will make the correction for you.

4. For best results, please have all campers fill out a handwritten form. The Primary Chaperone should keep all handwritten forms for their records. This program will unfortunately not allow you to print out a complete registration. You may, however, print out a specific page or screen by using your "Print Screen" key and pasting the result into a Word Processing document.

5. Please note that an * before a question or blank indicates that a response is required. You must fill in information in order to continue the registration process.

6. Please check for any blank fields before you leave a screen and make sure that you intend for the field to be blank.

7. A summary of class selections, shirt sizes, etc. for each camper will be sent to each church during the week immediately prior to camp.

The Baptist General Association of Virginia regularly takes photos and shoots video during Music and Worship Arts Camp as a means to gather materials for archival, promotional and production purposes. Accordingly, during the course of your stay, you and any of your guests may be photographed, filmed or videoed while participating in any of the campus events or enjoying any of the campus features. Therefore, every guest of Eagle Eyrie Conference Center, by visiting the campus, acknowledges and agrees that these photos, films and videos may be taken and used in the Baptist General Association of Virginia’s promotional materials, including their web site.

All campers, parents and chaperones should read carefully the information regarding dress and cell phone use at camp. The policy helps us to have the best camp experience we can have for chaperones, teachers and campers.
As a Kingdom partner, we want to do all that we can do to ensure that we are providing a safe and secure environment for the minors and the intellectually or physically disabled with whom we work and minister to. To help us achieve this goal, we now require that each church complete a criminal background check through a reputable company for each adult or youth 18 years or older planning to participate in a BGAV-sponsored event or mission trip. Any official background check your church has conducted within the past four years is acceptable.

If any background check comes back with a felony or serious driving issue, please contact our business office to confidentially discuss the issue. Any person who is found to have criminal convictions related to sexual offenses or felonies related to children shall in no case be permitted to attend.

This process is not intended to question the character of the individual or their value to BGAV. Our sole concern is that we have done all that we can do to assure all involved that we are providing a safe and secure environment for our minors.

Once background checks have been completed for each person, ensuring that all of the requirements have been met, please have a ministerial staff member or church officer complete and sign the certification statement and return to us three (3) weeks prior to the event (by June 27).

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