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Environmental performance metrics used by the TEN-T ports

Participant Information Sheet

   PIXEL – Port-IoT for Environmental Leverage

   Funder: European H2020-MG-7-3 through agency INEA


   Duration: 36 months

   Project Coordinator: Carlos E. Palau (UPV)

   Ethics Mentor: Dimitrios Spyrou (PPA – Piraeus Port Authority)
1.   Information about the project
PIXEL is a three-year (May 2018-April 2021) Research and Innovation Action, under the framework of H2020-MG-7-3 topic, aiming at enabling a two-way collaboration of ports, multimodal transport agents and cities for optimal use of internal and external resources, sustainable economic growth and environmental impact mitigation, towards the Ports of the Future. PIXEL is pilot-centric and has planned 5 different trials at Italy, Greece, France and Croatia. Its Consortium is formed by ICT experts, environmental-related enterprises, ports, stakeholders and public authorities.

PIXEL will leverage technological enablers to voluntary exchange data among ports and stakeholders, thus ensuring a measurable benefit in this process. The main outcome of this technology will be efficient use of resources in ports, sustainable development and green growth of ports and surrounding cities/regions. Built on top of the state-of-the art interoperability technologies, PIXEL will centralise data from the different information silos where internal and external stakeholders store their operational information.

In order to achieve those objectives, PIXEL needs to process data from several heterogeneous sources. Data coming from you, as an individual (or entity) will include some personal data, namely your name and your email address, in order to be able to contact you for a follow up if needed. That’s why you need to be informed (through the forthcoming clauses) about the nature of the data processing to be performed, and why your consent is requested.
2. Why am I participating?
You have been chosen as the competent person to provide information regarding the environmental activities of your port.

3. Which is my role in the project?
To provide information regarding the environmental metrics currently used by your port.

4. Information about the data to be collected
The data from your contribution together with the corresponding data from other TEN-T ports will be used for statistical analysis in order to form an overview of the current status of the environmental monitoring by EU ports.

5.   Procedures and protocol
PIXEL has enabled mechanisms to ensure that Data collection will be done with respect for private and family life and the protection of personal data in compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European Union. Furthermore, the collection of data will be conducted in compliance with data protection acts, legislation, and directives, both at the European and the national level. 

6.   Which treatment will I have for my personal data?
No personal data will be stored. Information provided by your feedback (in any context) will be securely stored in our own repository. Data will only be used for research purposes and will not be shared publicly, online or by other means.

7.   Benefits of taking part
You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about an innovative project with modern technologies in the field of environmental impact in transport and logistics.

8.   Withdrawal request
You can withdraw from the study and request your information be deleted at any time, without giving a reason, up to 28 days following the date of your final participation.

9.   Sharing of results
The sharing of the survey findings with the participants will be realised through the dissemination of the project results according to its timeplan. Furthermore, the research findings will be broadly shared  through journal publications and conferences.

10.   Reference contacts
Project Coordinator – Carlos E. Palau (UPV) – – Camino de Vera s/n, 46022, Valencia, Spain
Ethics Mentor – Dimitris Spyrou (PPA) –

If you have any questions or you change your mind regarding your participation to this survey, you may contact Mr. Orestis Tsolakis, Research Associate at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)/ Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) - email:

11.   Further information
For further details please refer to the PIXEL website at : http://www.pixel-ports-eu/