1. travel & you

Please complete this brief survey in order to participate in our testing program.

1. How many Leisure/Vacation trips do you take per year on average?

2. What type of travel do you do MOST frequently (domestic/international)?

3. How much do you spend on travel each year?

4. In general, when you think about a trip, how clear is the destination in your mind?

5. Which statement below BEST describes your feelings about deciding where to go?

6. How much time do you take to plan each trip, on average?

7. What % of your travel PLANNING & RESEARCH is done online/via the internet?

8. Where do you usually PURCHASE or BOOK your trips?

9. In general, how satisfied are you with the process of FINDING THE RIGHT PLACE TO GO on vacation?

10. Please enter the email address where we may contact you. We will NOT share it with anyone - we only use this email address for internal purposes, to communicate with you regarding the testing program.