Your Feedback is Important to Us!

In order for us to improve our services, please rate the following:

* 1. How well did GA succeed in creating an environment where all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or age felt respected and valued?

* 2. The Unitarian Universalist Association and the General Assembly Planning Committee are committed to the conservation of our natural resources and the reduction of use of resources that contributes to adverse climate change. For example, registrants have the options of paying for carbon offsets and not having a program mailed to them, handouts have been reduced by the inclusion of worship programs in the GA program and use of projected information, hotels have been requested to change linens less frequently, opportunities are provided for recycling and reduction, reuse is encouraged, etc.

How would you rate General Assembly efforts to support greening, both in preparation for GA and at GA, including hotels, transportation, the convention center, handouts, etc.?

* 3. How well did GA succeed in addressing accessibility concerns?

* 4. Information received prior to GA

* 5. GA Website

* 6. Registration procedures

* 7. Check in at GA for pre-registered attendees

* 8. Walk-up Registration and daily registration procedures

* 9. Delegate credentialing procedures

* 10. The cost of GA registration

* 11. GA program book

* 12. GA organization and management

* 13. GA Orientation

* 14. Service of the Living Tradition

* 15. Quality of workshops and speakers

* 16. Ware Lecture

* 17. Morning worship services

* 18. Opening Celebration

* 19. The Banner Parade at the Opening Celebration

* 20. Evening entertainment

* 21. Scheduling of sessions

* 22. Ease of making hotel reservations

* 23. Hotel accomodations

* 24. GA staff

* 25. Volunteer staff

* 26. GA location (Fort Lauderdale)

* 27. Exhibit Hall

* 28. Plenary

* 29. Food and beverage availability

33% of survey complete.