Survey: Supporting Essential and Priority Goods Movement

The joint federal/provincial Supply Chain Recovery Working Group aims to support supply chain restoration in BC. We continue to welcome feedback to support our efforts to get you timely information that you need to support your operations, and to create a clear and streamlined path for you to inform multiple federal and provincial agencies of your needs and priorities, and issues that you need others to know.

The recent Atmospheric Event in BC has severely damaged transportation infrastructure in the province, with critical impacts on rail, road, and pipeline logistics. While railways are beginning to operate, and some highways are opened on a limited basis and work is underway on the Trans Mountain pipeline, the fragility of the infrastructure will be an ongoing concern. The movement of essential goods has been disrupted and there may be both short-term and sustained impacts to volumes over normal routes. As such, there could be a sustained need to divert good movement from road to rail or marine.

We recognize that commercial arrangements are the most ideal for facilitating the efficient movement of goods. Through the working group calls as well as this survey, our goal is to facilitate information-sharing and the development of common understandings around immediate priorities. The purpose of this survey is to leverage industry expertise to collectively identify any essential and high-priority goods requiring support due to a critical need. As discussed, we are also asking that all shippers, particularly in the coming 2-3 weeks, to exercise restraint in seeking to send non-essential goods into or through the Lower Mainland.

In completing this survey, we ask that stakeholders rationalize what are considered your priorities relative to and within the context of national, provincial, and regional interests given limited capacities in the system in the immediate timeframe.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work together to build back better.

This survey is expected to take approx. 5 minutes to complete.
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