* 1. What technique/ learning experience interests you most about drawing/ design

* 2. Drawing is about effectively representing space in a natural way

* 3. Are you more interested in adding line or using an eraser tool to subtract information? 

* 4. What area of study makes you want to learn more about drawing? 

  Drawing for drawing's sake Photography and learning composition Painting / mixed media / 2D built up works Graphic Design Sculpture / 3D design
Date / Time

* 5. About how many artists do you follow on facebook or instagram?

* 6. To what extent of insanity do you think an artist must possess to be successful?

0 What you would imagine an "average person" to be
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 7. My previous art course experiences were mostly:

* 8. What would you say gives you your artistic edge?

* 9. Have you ever experienced a student lead critique?