Tobacco Valley Needs Assessment Letter from Mayor and Survey

June 16th, 2017



To:       Residents and Businesses of Eureka, Montana


From:  Mayor LeeAnn Schermerhorn


RE:      Community Needs Assessment- Your Input is Needed



Dear Friends,


The Town of Eureka held a public meeting on June 13th, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Eureka Town Hall.  It was our hopes that the community would participate in identifying the needs in our area focusing on economic development, housing, and public facilities and services.  


The public meeting was held at the Town Hall for the ease of having ADA accessibility as well as the equipment to host this meeting; however, it is fully known that public meetings are not the best way to gather public input.  With that in mind, we are asking the community to participate by completing the following simple questionnaire.   The information we gather through this process will help us determine how best to utilize opportunities for public funding available through State and Federal sources.


The public needs assessment process is not about a specific project; it is about trying to determine what the community would like to see the Town work on in the next couple years regarding economic development, housing, and infrastructure.  This process will help determine the best use of funds and staff/consultants’ efforts to make the Eureka area a stronger and more vital community. 


The Town has for the last year been pursuing funding for a Wastewater Phase 1B that would expand the Town’s wastewater system into the Midvale area.  Though this public engagement process is not specific to that project, we are trying to determine if the community would like to see this project continue or if there are other projects that would need more immediate attention and funding.  There is a specific public hearing on the Wastewater Phase 1B project on June 29th, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Town Hall.


The Town of Eureka has a public Strategic Plan which is in the process of being updated.  Information from this meeting and public input will be utilized to update the strategic plan and to provide groundwork for the revision of the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan. 


It is important to note that the Town will analyze this information gathered to help set their work plan for the upcoming year.  However, it is also important to note that some items that may be listed are not within the scope the Town’s ability/capacity.  All information gathered will be available to the public and is anonymous. 


Please take a few moments to answer the following three questions:

* 1. In your opinion what is working well in our community? Please be specific by listing at least three activities that have bettered our community or is in the process of improving our community.

* 2. Are there items in the community, that in your opinion, are in need of improvement or needs to be addressed further in regard to Economic Development, Housing, Public Facilities and Services that the Town could address.

* 3. Please identify what projects you would like to see to improve the overall community.