Spark Festival: powered by the ecosystem

Got an idea for an event you'd like to run as part of the Spark Festival 2018 program?

In 2018 we are creating a two week program of events and activities which showcases, supports and strengthens the vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem that exists across all of NSW.

Before you submit your event, please take a look at our FAQ.

* 1. Your name

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* 3. Are you submitting on behalf of a company or group?

* 4. Title of your event

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* 6. Preferred timeslot for your event

* 7. What's the preferred location for your event?

* 8. Will you be able to arrange a venue for your event?
It's best to arrange your own, but if you need a hand, we may be able to help.

* 9. Who is the audience for your event?

* 10. What topics will your event cover? Please tick any that apply.

* 11. Description of your event
In under 400 words, pitch us your event. Ensure you identify the problem you're solving, the audience, the outcomes and your unique selling proposition.
Be concise, but compelling. What makes this event different or special? Make mention of the people or organisations you have the capacity to get involved in the event.

* 12. Anything else you'd like to let us know?