Santana High School Cafeteria Poll

* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. Are you on the district's free or reduced lunch program (anonymous survey, so be honest)?

* 3. How many times do you eat from the cafeteria per week (does not include cart purchases)?

* 4. How long do you have to wait in line to get your food at lunch?

* 5. If you eat both breakfast and lunch at the cafeteria, which service is the fastest?

* 6. How much time do you spend socializing with friends or using bathroom before you get your lunch?

* 7. In your opinion, are the lunch lines at the cafeteria too long (not the cart)?

* 8. In your opinion, are the lines for the carts too long (not the cafeteria lines)?

* 9. Would you be willing to extend the school day by 15 minutes to make your lunch time 45 minutes?

* 10. Please list any concerns/compliments and/or ideas on the school's cafeteria or carts (can include wait times, staff, student issues, etc). Required Response.