Ride a bike? Need bike lights? B.E.E.P. has you covered! We are giving away front and rear bicycle lights to all UCI students, staff, and faculty while supplies last. Simply fill out our survey below! If you have any questions please email biking@uci.edu.
You will be contacted via email when your bike lights are available for pick-up.


* 1. Why don't you currently have bicycle lights?

* 2. Why do you want bicycle lights now?

* 3. Do you currently ride a bicycle at UCI after dark?

* 4. Did you know that California law requires bicyclists to use a white headlight (visible from at least 300 feet) after dark? (The red taillight is legally optional.)

* 5. How did you hear about the Bicycle Light Giveaway?

* 6. Please enter your name below (first and last).

* 7. Please enter your UCI email address below.