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Dyson Building Center is a hardware store and lumberyard that has been in business for many generations. Dyson Building Center would like to add woodshop service to our product selection. This service would allow our customers the opportunity to get customized woodwork done and allow you the ability to use the facility to do your own woodworking. Our customers will now have the ability to complete "do-it-yourself" projects without having to purchase expensive tools and equipment. Customers will have the opportunity to physically rent time in the woodshop with hands on guidance and supervision.

We need your help! Please answer the following questions to help us in understanding if this service will be beneficial to our customers.

* 1. Have you used woodshop services before?

* 2. How interested would you be in using the new woodshop service at Dyson Building Center?

* 3. What features of the woodshop service are the most valuable to you?