1. Enjoying Basketball.

Question Title

* 1. Take 20 seconds and think of the top 3 things you like about playing basketball.
·         After these 20 seconds, fill out the list below. For each one of the following statements, click the appropriate box for how relevant the statement is to your enjoyment of basketball.

  Not at all relevant to why I enjoy playing basketball Has a tiny bit of relevance to why I enjoy playing basketball Moderately relevant to why I enjoy playing basketball Very relevant to why I enjoy playing basketball
The constant motion---there’s very little standing around and many opportunities to physically “go all out”
The skills ----dribbling or passing or shooting or steals or blocking shots--- it feels great when I do any of these well
Good friends---good team-mates: I either joined to be with friends or I’ve made good friends through playing and that helps me really enjoy the game
The coaching I’ve received
Playing is great for my fitness level
Great competition ---I like competing hard and basketball allows for this
Fun---I don’t want to stress too much and basketball offers the right level of fun for me
The sense of teamwork needed to be successful
Many in my family like basketball and it’s great to bond with them by playing basketball
At times, I’m really good at basketball and that helps me feel really good
I enjoy watching basketball on TV and it feels good to go on the court and do what I see on TV
Basketball is an exciting, popular world-wide game and I like being a part of it. It’s cool
Boys like it that I play basketball
The refereeing is fair and consistent
My parents really like me playing basketball
Travelling to out of town tournaments and fun at hotels with team-mates
Potential for university scholarships in my future
Opportunity to play on elite teams now or next season