1. Rides and Attractions

What do you think of the rides, attractions, shows, parades, and fireworks at the Typhoon Lagoon theme park? We want to know . . . and so do our readers and fellow vacationers. Please take a moment to give us your opinion of those attractions you've visited.

The ratings are on a scale from 1 - 10 with 1 being least liked by you and 10 being best liked by you. If you have not experienced an attraction, please leave it blank or click "N/A". We also invite you to contribute additional notes and comments at the end of the questionnaire.

IMPORTANT RATING NOTES: We need to know how well an attraction rates against others in Typhoon Lagoon, not how an attraction rates against all others in the world. Please remember to use the full scale of ratings. Not every attraction should receive a '10' rating as every attraction cannot be "best liked" by you. Spread out your ratings so you give as many low ratings as high ratings. This is most valuable to us and your fellow vacationers as it gives us a 'real' rating. Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey!

* 2. Please rate these attractions:

  Least Liked Best Liked N/A
Castaway Creek (lazy river)
Gang Plank Falls (family raft ride)
Humunga Kowabunga (thrill slide)
Keelhaul Falls (solo tube ride)
Ketchakiddee Creek (kid's play area)
Mayday Falls (solo tube ride)
Shark Reef (saltwater snorkeling pool)
Storm Slides: Stern Berner, Jib Jammer, and Rudder Buster (body slides)
Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool (large wave pool)
Crush 'n' Gusher (high speed water coaster)

* 3. How would you rate Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon for:

  Poor Average Excellent N/A
Young Kids
Older Kids
Young Adults
Mid Adults
Mature Adults

* 5. Do you have any additional comments on Typhoon Lagoon's attractions?