Important information:
One form per act.
One parent as point of contact.
We will not duplicate music. First come, first serve on song choice.

* 1. Who is the main contact for this act?
Parent or Guardian name, email address & phone

* 2. How many children are in your act?

* 3. Please list names & grades of each participant:

* 4. Type of act:

* 5. Song or music title & artist:

* 6. Some songs lyrics may not be appropriate, please do an internet search for the song lyrics, then copy and
paste here. If you see that the lyrics are questionable, please choose another song.

* 7. You will be responsible for providing the music to the Talent Show Team. The song must be under 2 minutes. If you need help editing or acquiring your song, please contact Shana Flowerday:

Each act must "Show Off" their act, twice before the Talent Show.

-Show Off #1 - January 25th or 26th at Niwot Elementary school in the music room
-Show Off #2 - March 8th or 9th (in costume) at Niwot Elementary Gym
-Dress Rehearsal - Wednesday, March 22nd at Niwot High School
-Talent Show - Thursday, March 23rd at Niwot High School at 6 PM

We will create a Google document to sign up for Show Off #1 & #2. It will be sent to your email address.

If you have any questions concerning the Talent Show please feel free to
email the Talent Show Team at:

Shine On,
Liz Napp, Shana Flowerday, Lisa Verbeck & Stacee McGovern