As a result of attending the Annual Conference, we ask that you complete this survey within 30 days. The feedback you provide plays an important role in the planning of future programs as well as assisting speakers in improving their presentations. ONLY SUMMATIVE DATA IS PROVIDED TO THE SPEAKERS.


* 2. Will you apply for CE or CLE credits from this meeting?

* 3. NRRDA Membership

* 4. How did you hear about this conference? (Check all that apply)

* 5. What is the primary reason that you attended the Annual Conference?

* 6. Please indicate your level of satisfaction regarding the overall course.

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
How did you find the overall level of program content?
Were there adequate materials to clarify course content?
How would you rate the location?
Was the course focus relevant to your work?

* 7. Did this conference meet your educational objectives?

* 8. Were you provided with substantive written materials?

* 9. Did the conference update or keep you informed of your legal responsibilities?

* 10. Did the conference contain significant professional content?

* 11. Was the environment suitable for learning (e.g., temperature, noise, lighting, etc.)?

* 12. What were the major strengths of this program?

* 13. What were the major weaknesses of this program?

* 14. If you were planning next year's Annual Conference, what would you add?

* 15. Please list specific topics and/or speakers to consider for future programs:

* 16. Why is the NRRDA Annual Conference important to you?

(Please note that your quotes may be used in future NRRDA Conference marketing anonymously.)

* 17. Did you find the NRRDA proprietary web based conference app (nrrdaconference.org) valuable at each of the following:

  Yes No
Prior to the conference
Onsite at the conference
Post conference

* 18. Please provide ideas for future use of the NRRDA proprietary web based conference app, or any other comments.