1. Brief, 3-minute survey. Thanks for participating!

This survey deals with FULL SIZE NOAA PAPER CHARTS. Whether you do or don't use them, we appreciate your input! The survey is NOAA-approved, and is sponsored by NOAA "POD" (print on demand) chart provider OceanGrafix, in cooperation with USPS (United States Power Squadrons). It is a follow up to a similar survey conducted Dec., 2008. Thanks so much for your participation!

* 1. Please let us know the type and size of vessel(s) you sail:

  Under 20' 20-29' 30-39' 40-49' 50-59' 60-80' 80' +
Power cruiser / power boat / yacht
Sport fishing boat

* 2. Do you use full size paper NOAA charts for navigation -- either as your only nav aid, or in addition to other nav aids?