* First Name

* Last Name

* Type your name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear in the program.

* How would you like your name read at the ceremony? Spell phonetically or sound it out if you think that would be helpful to the readers.

* Phone #

* UCSC e-mail
No abbreviations please. This is the address to which your registration confirmation will be sent.

* What is your SID #?

If you selected Spring 2017 or earlier, you must ALSO APPLY TO GRADUATE with the Registrar's Office by Friday, April 28, 2017. http://reg.ucsc.edu/graduation_announcerequest.htm. If you do not apply to graduate you will not receive a diploma. If you apply after April 29th you will be charged a late fee and your diploma may indicate a later commencement quarter.

* When setting up your my.ucsc account, did you restrict release of your personal information?
If you don’t know, check the FAQ here (http://registrar.ucsc.edu/faqs/students/personal-info.html) and follow instructions to verify that we can publish your name.

If you have restricted your information but not released it for publication, we CANNOT print your name in the commencement ceremony program.

* Who would you like to nominate as a student speaker at the ceremony? Seniors only. More than one is okay.

This is NOT a popularity contest. Speakers do not need even one nomination in order to submit a speech. Do not nominate a friend just because you were asked to.

If you personally wish to submit a speech you do not need to nominate yourself, simply submit your speech according to the deadline on the Crown website.

* Who on the Crown faculty or staff would you like to recognize for making a difference in your life at UCSC?

* Will anyone in your party require a Sign Language interpreter?

* Mailing address after June. Please include street #/name, city, state and zip code.

* Would you be interested in speaking for the Multilingual Welcome?
The welcome phrase is "Welcome family, friends and graduates to the 2017 Crown Commencement Ceremony.”

* What language?

* Office use field (use only if directed)