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Ensuring a competent next generation is important to the development and sustainment of our pipeline industry. Knowledge Transfer can be defined as:
  • The methodical replication of the expertise, wisdom, and tacit knowledge of workers into the heads and hands of their coworkers
  • The planned movement of the right skills and information at the right time to keep a workforce prepared, productive, innovative and competitive
If you are involved in the pipeline industry (no matter your age, seniority, or role), we want to hear from you!

Completing this survey will allow us to:
  • Assess the barriers to career development
  • Determine the future direction of the pipeline industry

Results of the survey will be used to plan a knowledge transfer / career progression summit where there will be members of the pipeline industry (young and senior) who will assist with our three year plan: initiate, invoke and innovate knowledge transfer. 

This survey will take 10 minutes.

Our big hairy audacious goal for the 3-year plan is that: The Young Pipeliners of Today are the Custodians of the 2024 Pipeline Industry.

Reference: https://blog.stevetrautman.com/you-are-here-knowledge-transfer-defined/

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