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Since DIAL was granted stewardship over the Digital Principles in 2016, the Digital Principles community has grown greatly from 54 initial endorsers to over 270 endorsers. Over that time, DIAL has released numerous resources, such as design toolkits, case studies, webinars, training materials, podcasts, and more. However, we want to continue improving the resources available to the Digital Principles community and highlight share the experiences of other Principles endorsers. To this end, we are reaching out to the community to learn a bit more about how you engage with, adopt, and integrate the Digital Principles into your projects and programs.

This survey is designed to learn more about the activities that endorsers conduct that involve the Digital Principles. You will be presented with a series of yes or no questions about possible activities that your organization may implement. If you indicate yes to any of the options, you will be provided space to provide links and/or more detail that demonstrates your organization’s engagement with the Digital Principles.

DIAL will then use the data to identify organization's according to the Digital Principles' internal tiering system as either gold, silver, or bronze. The general grading criteria is as follows:

Bronze : Activities within this tier pertain to minimal engagement with the Principles. These typically consist of efforts toward promotion and awareness of the Digital Principles within and outside of your organization, but not activities related to their adoption or use.

Silver : Activities within this tier pertain to modest engagement with the Principles aimed toward adoption of principles. While there are some minor activities of use, many of these activities are geared toward creating an organizational culture that values the Principles.

Gold : Activities within this tier consist of concerted efforts for the incorporation of Principles to facilitate organizational change. All activities pertain to systematic inquiry, policy-making, or actual use and implementation of Principle-informed policies and procedures.

Once DIAL has received responses to the survey, DIAL will inform you of what level your organization was assessed at, along with any justification for the chosen level. Only gold-level organizations will have any labels or indications on Digital Principles-affiliated websites. DIAL will not share the any information beyond which organizations are gold with any other organization. DIAL will then share the aggregated results with the Digital Principles community as well as potentially contact any gold-level organizations about follow-up opportunities to share their experiences on integrating the Digital Principles into their work, including case studies, webinars, podcasts, or other media.
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