Preliminary Hwy 22 Memorial Corridor Landscape

This survey is meant to gather additional feedback on the Highway 22 Victory Drive Memorial Corridor landscape design project.

The plans shown are a result of input gathered from various community events, open house public meetings and a previous online survey, with additional guidance from a project Steering Committee.  Previously there were three different conceptual designs. The individual elements from each concept that were most preferred were carried forward into the preliminary design.   
There are 5 different landscape design styles shown that are based upon the community feedback we received and meant to fit accordingly with existing conditions along the corridor.  The sample preliminary corridor layout plan illustrates how the 5 landscape styles may be combined and transitioned for a sequence of experiences as you travel along the corridor. 

Please review the plans and provide additional input on what you may like or dislike regarding each landscape style and the overall approach to the landscape design.  This input will guide the final landscape plans for implementation, tentatively scheduled for 2019.  

For access to higher quality plan images, please visit the project website at 

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Preliminary Corridor Layout Plan (Sample)

Preliminary Corridor Layout Plan (Sample)