1. Suggestions to Make Participating Easier

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Welcome to the 2021 PMA-AOBA Wage and Benefit Survey.  This survey is the best source of salary and benefit information available to the national capital area property management industry.  Everyone who completes the survey receives a copy of the survey at no cost.  If you don’t submit data, you can purchase the survey for $995.00 per copy.

If you are not the person in your organization who can complete the questionnaires, please forward this email to the individual who is responsible and encourage them as strenuously as you can to complete the survey by the May 31 deadline.  We want to make participating as easy as possible. A number of questions can be answered off the top of your head. Others require a little bit of prep before delving into the survey. There are three mandatory questions that you must answer in order to continue. They are your name, email address and corporate structure of your company.

To make it simple, here are a few tips to help you respond.

1. Determine the average salary and bonus paid to each position in your company. Please use the position definitions in the survey to record your responses even if the titles are not the same. This helps to assure that we are comparing apples to apples.
2. The second group of questions relate to compensation policies and practices. Have at your disposal the average raises given to each position and let us know which positions are exempt or nonexempt.
3. The third part of the survey asks questions about health insurance, what you offer and how much is paid by the company versus the employee, types of policies, and cost control strategies.
4. The next group of questions is about leave (vacation, medical, PTO, paid holidays, etc.) benefits and practices.
5. Leave questions are followed by transportation benefits (company cars, commuting reimbursements, paid parking, flex time, telecommuting)
6. We want to know retirement benefits (401k, pension, stock plans, etc.) you offer.
7. The last set of questions is about educational assistance, housing benefits, business practices, recruiting practices, internships, and severance plans.
8. If you manage both residential and commercial properties, you need to complete each survey individually.
9. You don't have to complete the survey in one sitting. If you want to enter data at different times, simply click on the done button at the end of the survey  You can return to change answers or add additional answers.

Thank you for participating. A big thank you to the PMA Human Resource Council for reviewing the survey questions and constantly tweaking them to provide a better result for all.