* 1. Rate the convenience of making your appointment for your pets' annual exam

* 2. Upon arrival for our annual exam, I felt the receptionist and nurse greeted us accordingly and in a pleasant manner.

* 3. I felt the nurse asked appropriate questions about our pet(s) and we were encouraged to discuss concerns or thoughts regarding our pet(s) health.

* 4. The veterinarian examined, explained and discussed the concerns and issues (if any) regarding my pet, in addition to providing me with a general overall picture of my pet(s) health.

* 5. Rate the overall experience of bringing your pet(s) in for their annual exam(s) in relation to their overall health and quality of life.

* 6. From the information given regarding an issue, we chose to schedule a surgery in order to further diagnosis an issue or improve a health concern (such as dental disease).

* 7. If your pet is over 5 it is highly recommended to have an exam on your pet(s) twice a year with blood work yearly. Is this something you would be interested in doing if we could help preschedule the exam(s) and/or blood work or at least put in follow-up phone calls to assist in scheduling?

* 8. How would you like to be reminded of appointments in the future?

* 9. If you would like to leave you or your pets' name below, PLEASE do!