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Lane County Coordinated Care Organizations Community Advisory Council (CAC) Information and How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in serving! Below is information about the CAC and how to apply.

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* What is a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO)?
A CCO helps people on the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) get medical, dental, and mental health care. Lane County has two CCOs: PacificSource Community Solutions and Trillium Community Health Plan.

Who serves on the Lane County CAC?
●         Members: Most members of the CAC must be on OHP. Some members can be a parent, guardian, or primary caregiver of an OHP member.
●         Community Organizations: Other members include people who work at places that provide care or help to OHP members.  
●         Staff: Lane County Prevention, Lane Community Health Council, PacificSource Community Solutions, and Trillium Community Health Plan work together to support the CAC’s work. (Note: The Health Council works with PacificSource to support the CAC and its members.)

What would I do as a CAC member?
The CAC gives ideas and feedback to help the CCOs improve the health of the whole community. The CAC focuses on the needs of OHP members. The CAC works to:
●         Find ways to make healthcare better
●         Learn about ways to keep people well
●         Guide a Community Health Assessment and adopt a Community Health Improvement Plan
●         Support the use of equity practices, such as making sure all people are treated fairly
●         Share resources and information with communities in Lane County

How is the CAC set up? How would I participate?
The CAC advocates for positive changes in health care and its role is defined by the State of Oregon. Applications are accepted every two years, or more often if members leave before the end of two years. 

The CAC also has other groups that work on different issues in the community:
●         Health Equity Committee: Makes sure CCOs are providing fair and unbiased health care to all OHP members
●         Member Engagement Committee: Strengthens positive communication and relationship between OHP Members and their CCO
●         Prevention Workgroup: Creates and reviews health prevention plans
●         Rural Advisory Committee: Makes sure CCOs think about and respond to rural communities and their health needs

How much time would it take to participate?
●         At least one meeting per month. The amount of time and number of meetings depends on the group.
●         CAC members serve two-year terms and can reapply every two years. An ideal length of time to serve on a committee or workgroup is 1-2 years. 

What kind of support can I get for participating?
OHP members will receive a stipend for their participation. There may be other support based on different needs.

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