Why this survey?

The Historical Society of Long Beach is collecting stories from those who live and work in this community to become part of our permanent archive. Our goal is to create a repository of stories and local communications that will be used by researchers, students, and others seeking to know more about how a global pandemic affects a city and its residents.

It is important for us to capture your story in your own words. We encourage you to process and reflect on the situation and to share your experience in your own voice. Think of how you might record all of this in a journal or recounting to a friend. Please take your time and include as much detail as possible. The following questions are provided to help get your thoughts flowing but they are only suggestions and the HSLB wants to hear everything that you would like to share.

Your responses will be part of a permanent and public research archive, and may be used in a future exhibition at the Historical Society of Long Beach gallery. By submitting this survey you are allowing the HSLB to use and share your story.

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* 1. We understand this is the beginning of a pandemic that may be with us for a year or more. Please let us know if we have permission to follow up with you at intervals to learn more about your experiences over time by clicking on a box below:

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