1. BustedHalo's Pulpit and Preacher Poll

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A survey of preachers on preaching on social justice

* 1. How often do you preach?

* 2. Have you ever addressed political/social issues in your preaching?

* 3. Do you think it’s appropriate to speak from the pulpit on political issues?

* 4. Do you ever publicly advocate a position on a politician or political/social issue from the pulpit?

* 5. Have members of your congregation ever asked you to preach on a particular political or social issue?

* 6. Given your experience, what are your reactions to the way Pastor Wright has dealt with the current situation?

* 7. Has the press been unfair to Reverend Wright?

* 8. Other comments/thoughts/anecdotes on preaching you’d like to share?

* 9. Please add your demographic information below.