1. Arabish in online interactions: Reasons and Impacts as a Sociolinguistic Phenomenon

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Dear participants,
This survey is conducted by Ms. Amany Haroun as part of a study on the use of Arabish in online interactions. Arabish means "the Arabic chat Alphabet that is used to communicate in the Arabic language over the Internet or for sending messages via mobile telephones when the Arabic alphabet is unavailable. It is mainly a character encoding of Arabic to the Latin alphabet (ASCII)"(Wikipedia, 2010; AlJarf, 2009).

The purpose of this Questionnaire is to explore the reasons as well as the impact of such a sociolinguistic phenomenon on the Arabic Language especially when the Arabic Alphabet is available or when the speakers are originally chatting in English and suddenly switch to Arabic.

You only need less than 5 minutes to finish this Questionnaire.
Have a wonderful time!
Amany Haroun

* 1. In what age group are you?

* 2. What is your nationality

* 3. Indicate your proficiency in English

  Fair Good Very Good excellent
Very Good

* 4. How often do you chat online or write something on Facebook wall?

* 5. Why do you chat? (You can tick whatever is relevant.)

* 6. What is the language that you use for chatting? (you can tick more than one choice)

* 7. Give a (real) example of a statement or a phrase that you had to write in Arabish or Arabic for some reason.( You can refer back to you facebook wall feeds or open your sms sent box, yalla mestaniyeen eeh!)

* 8. How often do you use Arabish?

* 9. Why do you use Arabish?

* 10. How do you think this will affect the Arabic Language?