1. Please help us examine ourselves!

We appreciate you choosing Berkshire Ear, Nose, Throat and Audiological Associates to provide your care. Our goal is to ensure that we provide quality care in a timely manner. To help us serve you better, please take a moment to complete this assessment of our office. Thank you.

* 1. You were able to obtain an appointment in a timely manner?

* 2. The staff on the phone was courteous and professional while making your appointment?

* 3. Upon check in, your receptionist was courteous and professional?

* 4. Your provider was:

* 5. Your physician or physician assistant spent adequate time with you at your visit?

* 6. You felt your questions and concerns regarding your care were addressed by your provider and/or provider's medical assistant?

* 7. Your audiologist was courtesy and professional while completing your hearing testing?

* 8. Your needs were met by the practice?

* 9. Please provide us with additional suggestions or comments that you think may help us serve you better.