1. 5 years, 4,000 US dead - Why?

It's over 5,000 dead if you count U.S. military contractors, and the best estimates of Iraqi dead are around one million (about 4% of the population).

There's also the 4+ million refugees, who knows how many injured, and the $500 billion of taxpayer money spent / borrowed (which will be over $2 trillion by the time the interest is paid, veterans' care provided, and equipment is replaced).

We've heard the neocons, we've heard the pundits. What do the people think?

Perhaps you think this is a joke; it is not - I want to hear what you really think, and will share all responses.

* 1. Why did our government start this war? (the order of the following choices are randomized)

* 2. Optional: Other reason(s) why we invaded and occupied Iraq.

* 3. Optional: other comment

Thank you.